Dark Helmet


At Brickfest 2003, a bunch of us went shopping at the LEGO Outlet store, where they had Darth Vader's in damaged boxes for sale with big discounts.

TJ Avery and Doug Carlson gave me the helmets from their Darth Vader because they wanted the sets for part. Honestly, Darth Vader helmets must be one of the least reusable parts LEGO has ever made. I knew right away that I wanted to combine my efforts in micromotor walkers with the Darth Vader helmet. 

In the science fiction spoof of Star Wars (aliens and other movies) called Space Balls, one of the main characters Dark Helmet is alter-ego of Darth Vader. While Vader is tall, intimidating and secure, Dark Helmet is short, unimposing and flakey. Helmet is a funny counterpoint to Vader. I knew I had to name my walking helmet Dark Helmet.

To keep the helmet as close to the ground as possible, and still get the high stride that I like out of my walkers, I had to rearrange my classic uCOG V walker. By placing the drive train under the micromotor, it moves the "shoulders" (that don't fit into the helmet) down a few bricks, and get the helmet close to the ground.