Robo-Hominid is my first successful biped. He is a very compact stiff legged weight shifter. He can walk forwards, backwards and turn right and left under remote control.



On LUGNET Technic Forum there was a friendly competition to see who could make the smallest (or lowest part count) two-legged walker. The walker posts were gathered by the moderator into a single web page. The smallest count was something incredible like 5 (see Shorty). It was amazing.

LEGO Maniac


This is my third robot. I made him for fun. He is a LEGO advertising agent called LEGO Maniac. He walks forwards, backards, and turns right and left and plays music.

I was contacted by Syngress Publishing because they wanted to make a step by step construction for the Dark Side Developer Kit. This is the final biped I made for the book: LEGO Mindstorms: Dark Side Robots, Creatures, and Transports.

Dark Helmet


At Brickfest 2003, a bunch of us went shopping at the LEGO Outlet store, where they had Darth Vader's in damaged boxes for sale with big discounts.

This is my second Nagata style differential based biped. My goal was to create better foot clearance than CAN. I redesigned the legs and used a liftarm of length 4 to drive the main liftarm of the legs.